ID Theft Kit

 ID Theft Kit

 ID Theft Kit

37 Million People Will Lose $53 Billion Next Year.

Are You One of Them?

An ID Theft Kit  can make difference. In my travels as an attorney and national speaker, I met a man at one of my lectures who bragged he had checked out my ID. He knew my social security number, address, mother’s full name, marriage date, record of lawsuits (none), and education history. He got it all off the internet, for free. I was impressed… and scared.

You understand how important good credit is. You lock your house, so you won’t be robbed, you insure your car, health, and life. Isn’t it time to get an ID Theft Kit and start to protect your identity?


Identity Theft is a crime of opportunity. If you remove the opportunity, you can protect yourself.  My ID Theft Kit can help you do just that.

The sobering truth is, without an ID Theft Kit you are vulnerable and let’s face it once your name is gone, it is difficult to reclaim it.

  • Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America increasing about 47% per year
  • 11% of identity theft occurs online
  • It takes about $2300 and 200 hours to fix it.


Don’t Wait to get WINNING THE IDENTITY THEFT WAR Includes 93 page book, 60 minute Audio CD, Forms CD

  • Step by step tips to minimize your risk
  • Comprehensive Identity Theft Vulnerability test
  • Pointers on keeping your personal information private
  • What to do if your ID is stolen