How to Double Your Asset Protection

Double Your Asset ProtectionDouble Your Asset Protection with

“How to Double Your Asset Protection” eBook takes you step by step through how to use charging order protection. In addition how to use the“corporate shield”  protection an LLC offers. Both of these tools, when properly structured, will protect your hard earned assets.

Don’t be fooled by the “quick and easy form your LLC in two easy steps” internet sites claiming to set up your LLC in seconds. Forming your LLC that way is something that should keep you up at night.You’re rolling the dice and betting you’ll never have a problem.  When something happens you need the double your asset protection in place.  All too often folks come into my office after they have a problem.  It is not until it is too late that they discover what they should have done to protect their assets. Don’t let this happen to you.


– 22 Pages of Asset Protecting Power

– Information about Charging Orders, Corporate Shields, and How to Protect Yourself from Yourself and Business Partners

– The reasons why the “corporate shield” alone isn’t enough protection

– Why you shouldn’t trust your lawyer or internet documents to protect your personal assets from “company” disasters

– How to get maximum charging order protection out of your operating agreement

– How to quickly adjust your LLC documents once disaster strikes.

– Why you may need more than one owner (member) of your LLC after June 2010

– Everything you need to understand charging orders and to get double asset protection

– Available for Instant Download

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“How to Double Your Asset Protection” takes you step by step through how to use charging order protection in addition to the “corporate shield” an LLC offers.